Visiting Kingpeng Intelligent Greenhouse –the First Intelligent Greenhouse In China

- Nov 25, 2016-

                                                            Kingpeng's Intelligent Greenhouse

Kingpeng intelligent greenhouse is more like a greenhouse museum where the focus the application of the current domestic and international advanced technology, and make the visitors amazing.


The greenhouse energy can self-supply by sunny days

By coming Into the 3000-square-meter intelligent greenhouse, the first to see is the control room, where all the data collection is the central nerve of greenhouse, and then see the greenhouse main body, it is divided into six regions, including fruits and vegetables, strawberries, seedlings and other production plants, each region due to the different required light and temperature, so the top solar panels are also different. Doctor Zhou, Kingpeng’s technical chief engineer introduced that, the flower area used regional tempered glass, fruit and vegetable area of the tomato using the shadowless glass, strawberries using the amorphous silicon thin film solar materials, this material is not only with good low light to meet the preferences of strawberries, but also can generate power. "Different light needs using different glass, not only can save energy, but also to the greatest extent possible to meet the growth needs of different plants"


Tomatoes mature in two months

In the workshop, we saw that each tomato plant has four or five meters high, up to 10 meters, and the fruit can mature in two months, a month earlier than the land mature. In order to allow each plant from top to bottom can enjoy enough light, in the middle and bottom of the plant using LED fill light equipment, forming a two-dimensional light fill pattern.


Potted flowers can be automatically graded

In the flower workshop, potted automatic packaging machine can complete automatic crawling, bagging, into the hole and a series of continuous action, to achieve automation of potted packaging and solve the artificial manual bagging caused by inconsistent quality of flowers, and labor efficiency and other issues.


Internet of Things technology fully putting into use

In the intelligent greenhouse, the most widely used is undoubtedly the IOT technology, the technology is applied to the greenhouse for different stages. In the preparation production stage, by arranging all kinds of sensors in greenhouse can receive real-time analysis of greenhouse internal environment information, so growers can better select the appropriate kinds of planting; in the production stage, practitioners can use the Internet technology to collect greenhouse temperature , humidity and other information, to achieve fine management; After the harvest, you can also use the information collected by the Internet to analyze the different stages of plant performance and environmental factors, and feedback to the next round of production for more accurate management, in order to access to more high-quality products.


When the IOT technology is popular, ordinary users not only can receive by sensors collected real-time data through a computer or mobile phone, but also by remote control greenhouse video sensor observe the overall situation of greenhouse. After the output of nurseries, you can retrieve the circulation process at any time under the help of a corresponding bar code. The agricultural industry generally agreed that the IOT agricultural intelligent monitoring system will be widely used in facilities agriculture.