Welcome Hebei Agricultural Research Institute Visited KINGPENG

- Oct 26, 2018-

Agricultural Research Institute visited R&D center of Kingpeng on Oct 19, 2018.The regional manager Mr. Li shushan and Mr. Zhang zhicheng receipted the group. The group consists of students for agriculture study from all over the world.

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Mr. Zhang and Mr. Li accompanied with the group and visited KINGPENG’s IOT greenhouse shared the latest planting methods and concepts with the visitors.

The newest container plant factory is installing in the base, it was a great chance to introduce the students about this most advanced planting model. Mr. Zhang shared the idea of plant factory and KINGPENG’s research work on container plant factory. On the other hand, Mr. Li shared more information about the soilless cultivation, irrigation method and greenhouse management.

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KINGPENG as a leading greenhouse integrator with rich experience on agriculture facilities, we are not only focus on greenhouse business, but also try our best to help training agricultural technical talents with our experience!

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