Welcome Ministry Of Agriculture And Water Conservancy Of Burkina Faso To Kingpeng

- Sep 04, 2018-

3th-4th, September, 2018, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(FOCAC) grand opening in Beijing. Before this, on 1th September, Mr. Guire Alassane, the general secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Conservancy of Burkina Faso, come to Kingpeng Tongzhou R&D basement to visit and communicate, and also other 12 ministry officers, accompany by Mr. Zhang Dong, the president of Beijing Kingpeng International Agriculture Corporation.


Firstly, Mr. Zhang introduce Kingpeng’s history, strength, products, projects to Mr. Guire and his team. Mr. Guire appreciate Kingpeng’s technology, products and service as the leading horticulture integrated service supplier. He is excited about that Kingpeng has exported to more than 50 countries, including Nigeria and other Africa countries. Mr Guire said, agriculture development in Burkina Faso is in relatively low level, he hope the technology can enhance the agriculture development level, especially the greenhouse and horticulture, it can improve the plant growing environment by artificial, also can grow plants without soil and save more than 50% water. It is meaningful for some Africa area.


After the communication in the office, Mr. Zhang take them to visit the R&D basement. He shows almost all the kinds of greenhouse, facilities, planting models, planting variety, Burkina Faso team is so interested in the agriculture technology, and they are more confident about greenhouse. Kingpeng especially introduce different kinds of irrigation system, because the water resource is very important for Burkina Faso.


Finally, Kingpeng hope to get more cooperation with Africa countries according to agriculture following the FOCAC, to help enhance the agriculture develop in Afica.

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