Welcome To Visit Kingpeng Greenhouse Research Base

- Aug 28, 2018-

Kingpeng Greenhouse Research Base is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing, China and it has more than 2.2 hectares land with various modern agriculture facilities including IOT greenhouse, plant factory, plastic film greenhouse, solar energy greenhouse, container plant factory etc..


Now Kingpeng has a horticulture team with more than 6 years growing experience and this team is not only responsible for Kingpeng Research Base, but also in charge of other greenhouse project operation around Beijing.


The IOT greenhouse in this research base is about 2500 square meter and use Venlo type design. The roof of the greenhouse is covered by single layer tempered glass (Diffusing and non-diffusing) and four sides of the greenhouse are covered by double layer hollow glass with rack and pinion motorized window.



It has six sections for different use from nursery, potted flower growing, fruit vegetable growing , leafy vegetable growing, flood irrigation, NFT and DFT growing and other function area such as fertilizing, irrigation head part, water treatment and power cabinet etc.


The entire greenhouse is controlled by Hortimax CX500 control system with different sensors in each section and it can realize the fully automatic control management of each corner in each section.


Now we have water melon, green bellpeper, cherry tomato, various of potted flower, lettuce, eggplant in the greenhouse and if you come to visit, you can also see the plant factory (One of the biggest in China, Container Plant Factory and Family Plant Factory), Multi-span plastic film greenhouse, solar energy greenhouse, tunnel greenhouse, Venlo glass greenhouse etc.


Kingpeng greenhouse can provide different service including greenhouse design, manufacturer, construction, horticulture service exporter in China and we have exported our greenhouse to more than 40 countries all over the world. Provide one-stop or turnkey project is our target for global customers.


For more information, please visit www.kingpengintl.com or send email to info@chinakingpeng.com