What Make Smart Glass Greenhouse Available

- Nov 10, 2020-

With the development of agricultural modernization, the development of greenhouse is also changing. China's greenhouse will also be large-scale, intensive, large-scale, industrialization direction. Kingpeng science and technology construction of Pizhou Flower Industry Park project is a microcosm of modern greenhouse.

The greenhouse is mainly used for flower seedling, production, packaging and so on. As a modern intelligent glass greenhouse, the facilities are complete and can provide excellent and comfortable growth environment for crops.


1.Tide Seedling

The application of tide seedling bed can make crop water absorption and fertilizer utilization high, improve productivity and standardize production. At the same time, reduce production costs and grow crops evenly.


2. Mobile Sprinkler

The use of mobile sprinkler makes the integration of water and fertilizer, the automation of watering and fertilization, and the saving of artificial labor force.


3.Side insulation and heat source fan

The heat preservation and heat source fan can reduce the heat loss in the relatively cold environment and keep the indoor temperature constant to reach the required temperature for crop growth.



4. Intelligent Environment Control System

The system can automatically detect indoor temperature and humidity, illumination and outdoor meteorological parameters, and input the opening condition value of the equipment according to the actual needs, so that each electrical equipment can be opened in stages, which greatly improves the indoor control accuracy.

control system

These associated systems make smart greenhouse available and farmers getting more return than traditional grow model. Kingpeng has always insisted on taking customer as the center, taking science and technology as the guide, striving to be the leader of greenhouse, providing strong support for the development of modern facility agriculture with science and technology and wisdom, and devoting itself to providing satisfactory service to customers.