When Chinese Solar Terms Meets Greenhouse

- Nov 27, 2018-

China is an ancient country with a history of 5,000 years’ agriculture activity. In ancient time, climate change is a conclusive factor influencing the harvest. During long time study and observe the climate rules, Chinese farmers concluded “Jie Qi”(solar terms) to guide the agriculture activities.

For example, “Li Dong”, which is the 19th solar term in 24, means the beginning of winter. In our calendar, “Li Dong” always in 7th-8th of November. After “Li Dong”, day time will be shortened and temperature dropping very fast. The agriculture activity will be limited, especially in North of China. In the northeast, there may even be land freezes.


But in modern agriculture, as the developing of greenhouse. The climate influence is becoming smaller year by year. Especially for vegetable growers, the greenhouse brings too much benefits for production management.


A quality greenhouse has excellent sealing performance and light transmittance, which can delay the temperature distribution inside greenhouse effectively. In the extreme weather, growers can use modern methods to control environment inside greenhouse, such as heating, shading, fogging etc.


The technique of “Internet of Things” (IOT) helped greenhouse management move steps forward. The growers don’t have to go to field to check how the vegetable growing, and even no need to control every equipment inside greenhouse. All the works can be controlled by one computer and been watched through camera. In this way, greenhouse management become simple and easy, what’s more, the vegetable safety can be guaranteed.

In near future, an intelligent greenhouse can help you to avoid the influence from climate to crop.

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