Why Flood Irrigation Is Becoming More And More Popular In China?

- Aug 10, 2018-

Flood irrigation or Tidal Irrigation is a high efficiency, water saving and environment-friendly irrigation system for modern farming. Its fundamental theory is let the nutrient water enter into the substrate through the bottom of pots and trays and then make use of capillarity to supply the water to the root of the plant. The flood bench can be a bench over the ground or on the ground.


It is a mature technology which has been proved by the greenhouse growers all over the world and it have solved the problem among water, oxygen, substrate.


However, it is still very new in China. But it is spreading fast in recent few years.




1. The irrigation is from the bottom of the plant and each plant can get even water and nutrient, meanwhile, it can keep the water and air proportion of substrate to avoid the root damage.


2. Flood irrigation can replace the water spray irrigation and easy to control the humidity around the plant and stop the plant diseases and insect pests.


3. The water and fertilizer of flood irrigation is recycled and the use ratio of nutrient water can reach 90% and save a lot of cost.


4. The plants with flood irrigation will grow faster than the common irrigation and it will save at least 1 day for each week in the nursery period. Meanwhile, the plants leaves will not have water film and there will be more photosynthesis so that the plants will be much stronger.


5. The greenhouse with flood irrigation will be clean and easy to do large scale management. It will also save a lot of labor cost.


How does it work?


There are two ways to control the irrigation:


1) Supply nutrient water to the flood bench first and then drain the water after the supply stopped.

2) Supply and Drain the nutrient water at the same time.


No matter you choose which one, the key is to control the water level and time.


Through the research, the transpiration has tight relationship with the total solar radiation amount. We will control the water level and stay time according to the total radiation amount in the whole day.


The control of flood irrigation system is not hard, but make the suitable irrigation proposals for different plants is the real hard work.



Now flood bench is becoming more and more important for growers and they are paying their attention to this technology and we believe flood irrigation will be a rising star of modern agriculture.