Why Vertical Farming Is More And More Popular By Farmers?

- Feb 25, 2020-


                                                           Vertical cultivation is  More and More Popular

Vertical farming, with reasonable assembly and various types of multi-functional, multi-level, multi-channel high-yield and high-quality production systems are formed to obtain maximum economic benefits, this mode maybe can explain why vertical farming could play a big role in the future.

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The first is "intensive", that is, the intensive management of land, which reflects the overall comprehensive benefits of technology, labor, material, and funds; Second is the utilization rate and utilization efficiency of auxiliary energy; The third is "sustainability", that is, reducing the residue of harmful substances, improving the quality of agricultural environment and ecological environment, and continuously improving the productivity of land (water body); Last but not least, product and environmental safety are reflected in the use of multi-species combinations to simultaneously complete the restoration of contaminated soil and agricultural development, and to establish a view of economic and environmental integration.


In short, the development of vertical agriculture and its unique role can fully tap the potential of natural resources such as land, light energy, water, and heat, and improve the utilization and efficiency of artificial auxiliary energy. The vertical farming is integrated agriculture and is a new development combining traditional agriculture and modern agricultural science and technology.

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