Winter Maintenance Of Automotive Cooling System

- Jul 22, 2017-

               The most common problem in cooling systems is rust, scaling, corrosion, and so on, and the main reason for these problems is the failure to use antifreeze, especially in the case of low temperature in winter, which is very easy to cause damage to the system components, the reason is:Cooling System

               The freezing point of water is 0 ℃, when the engine stops working, the outside air temperature will cause the water to freeze and swell, which causes the tank to freeze and crack, the pump can't work, and the ice in the waterway will directly affect the engine operation, therefore, in the winter maintenance car cooling system, must be in the water tank with antifreeze, and to add high-quality antifreeze, because the quality of antifreeze can not only prevent water icing, but also to prevent rust, scaling, and inhibit foam production, eliminate air resistance, inhibit the aluminum parts pitting corrosion and cavitation, you can lubricate water pump To ensure the normal operation of water pumps, here to recommend to the majority of car owners S-500 coolant SNAP, it is made from glycol plus special additives, in line with most car manufacturers to the latest performance requirements of automotive antifreeze, its low boiling point (42 degrees Celsius) can be used in extremely cold weather, high boiling point (120 degrees Celsius) can effectively solve the engine "simmer" phenomenon in summer, its high corrosion resistance provides long-term protection for the cooling system.

               In addition, in the winter maintenance, but also the cooling system should be cleaned, this is because the water tank and the rust and scale in the waterway will limit antifreeze liquid in the cooling system flow, reduce the heat effect, resulting in overheating engine, serious, will also cause damage to the engine, here to the vast number of car owners recommend Chi-S-510 cooling system Rapid descaling agent, it can quickly dissolve the cooling systems formed in the scale, sludge and rust skin, restore the cooling system function, so that the cooling fluid cycle smoothly, to prevent overheating, Simmer cause engine damage and lack of power.Cooling System