Another Sample Project By Kingpeng-Agricultural Science And Technology Innovation Experimental Center Project Of Zhejiang University

- Mar 27, 2020-

Following The Large-scale Intelligent Greenhouse in Qingyun, Shandong and Zhaoxian Qufang Modern Agriculture Industrial Park in Shandong Juxian, Kingpeng will build another sample project of agricultural scientific research platform 4.0 -- Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Experimental Center Project of Zhejiang University. This project is planned to be built in Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. Cutting-edge technology of facility agriculture and integrated innovation of intelligent equipment will be applied to this project. This project will be built into an internationally advanced precise and high-grade research and experimental platform, providing comprehensive technical support for talent training, scientific research, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation.


The project is a venlo type glass greenhouse with 3.2m roof ridge. It is a test site for the construction of plant factories, artificial climate chamber, plant growth box, standard farmland and so on. The area of this project is 130436 and the total building area is 14755 including artificial climate room, greenhouse, etc. It has many characteristics, such as more functions, more partitions, more systems, higher construction standards and higher use requirements.

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Kingpeng will apply the low-carbon energy saving technology, automation technology and smart control technology which have won the Chinese science and technology progress award to this project.


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