Whole PC Sheet Greenhouse

Whole PC Sheet Greenhouse
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We offer customized whole PC sheet greenhouse of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale whole PC sheet greenhouse from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online.

Whole PC Sheet Greenhouse

Polycarbonate greenhouse is widely used around the world. It has high impact strength which can be 250-300 times higher than glasses. It is light and easy to transport or cut or drilling holes. It also have anti-dewing ability which is good for plant growing. The high light transmission and thermal keeping feature is also very important to plant. 

We can offer large ridge, double ridge, triple ridge or arch roof structure PC greenhouse structure and many kinds of PC sheet e.g. 6mm single layer, 8mm double layer, 10mm triple layer or 16mm PC sheet can be chosen depend on your local climate and design load of greenhouse.

●Built in USA

●Vegetable greenhouse, covered with PC sheet 

●Total area 5000 sqm


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